KD Shaker

KD Shaker


Product description:
Exclusive KD Shaker for shaking various food supplements. Unlike many other shakers, this shaker uses a stainless steel ball that ensures that no lumps remain during shaking so you can fully enjoy your shake! In addition, the shake cup is made of recyclable plastic that is free from toxic substances.

Put the stainless steel ball in the shaker. Then fill your cup with water or milk and then add the powder so that it easily mixes with the liquid. Tighten the cap firmly and then start shaking for about 10-30 seconds. After this you have the perfect shake without unsolved chunks that you can easily transport horizontally as vertical. When you have used the shaker you can easily wash it by putting it in the dishwasher.

The print will stay longer if the shaker is washed by hand.

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